Stone veneer fireplace in Horseshoe Valley home

Stone veneer fireplace in Horseshoe Valley

In this post I will discuss a project that we did adding a stone veneer fireplace in a Horseshoe Valley area home just north of Toronto. The timber frame home originally contained an electric fireplace on the second level of the home in the same location as the new wood burning stove is located. The clients removed the old fireplace and left a large opening between the living room and the adjacent room as can be seen on the photo to the right. They have added this beautiful stone veneer fireplace which has added charm and warmth to this beautiful timber frame home.

opening for wood burning fireplace
Framing for Fireplace.
Framing for fireplace prior to addition of stone veneer.

The Cultured Stoners don’t just put stone on fireplaces and walls. We also offer design services as well as framing and construction services. Although we do not install the base fireplace, we can do everything else for a fireplace project including mill work for cabinets and book cases as well as beams and decorative mantles. The two images to the left show the framing for this particular project prior to creating a stone veneer fireplace. We carefully adhere to all codes set out by the manufacturers for clearances to combustibles. We also make our framing jobs very robust so as not to create issues down the road with inferior framing techniques and materials.

Besides a stone veneer fireplace in Horseshoe Valley the clients also wanted to include and accent wall with the same stone from Stone Selex. In this case the clients picked a product from the manufacturer Canyon Stone and chose the driftwood style of field stone. It was good choice creating a natural look to really compliment this beautiful timber frame home.

The home owner wanted to tie the stone from the fireplace into an accent wall that included an inset large screen TV. We framed the wall with the dimensions of the TV in mind to create a perfect fit. The pine trim surrounding the TV creates a nice border between the stone accent wall and the TV. The end result is a warm and inviting place to sit and view your favourite TV shows.

Canyon Stone veneer on accent wall with inset TV.
Back of fireplace containing driftwood field stone stone veneer by Canyon stone.

The above image shows the back side of the stone veneer fireplace with the same driftwood field stone by Canyon Stone manufactured stone.

The second image in this post shows the opening required for the installation of the wood burning fireplace. It was an obvious choice to stone the front side of this new fireplace, however, the home owners needed to hide the back side of the fireplace which protruded into the room adjacent to the living room. We considered enclosing it in wood and mill work but decided that the natural look would be to frame in the back and continue the stone into this adjacent room. The result is stunning! The stone adds great warmth and style to this room.

The clients were ecstatic with the job done by the cultured stoners and have had many compliments on the new look it has given their home. They felt that the addition of the stone fireplace and accent walls was by far the best investment they have made thus far in their home.