Cookie Cutter Condo Upgrade with Dutch Quality Stone veneer

As mentioned previously, cultured or manufactured stone veneer comes in many different patterns and colours. It is also produced by many different manufacturers. In this application of stone veneer the clients decided to go with Dutch Quality stone. This manufacturer has many different styles and colours to choose from which will suit any personal taste. Stone veneer adds warmth and charm to any application and certainly took this very ordinary wall with a fireplace and turned it into the spectacular. In these photos we see an application of Dutch Quality manufactured stone. This beautiful fireplace is found on the second floor of a condo in Midland Ontario.

Plain drywall with fireplace before stone veneer added

Plain drywall with fireplace before stone added



The fireplace was lost in the white walls of the living room of this condo. With the many returns this room needed something to make this fireplace stand out and create a feature to make a statement. The addition of Dutch Quality stone to cover these returns makes for a beautiful feature to the living room which the clients were very pleased with. The large hearth adds an inviting sitting area which the clients were ecstatic about.

Condo Fireplace After application of Dutch Quality Stone

Condo Fireplace After application of Dutch Quality Stone



With the addition of stone veneer you can change the look of any space. For a very reasonable price you can get a great bang for your buck. Call us at 705 835-6759 to have a free estimate on adding warmth and charm to your place. There is no need for costly reinforcements of the foundation. Manufactured stone veneer carries on the wall at no more than 12 lbs per square foot


Stone veneer on fireplace and wall

Stone on fireplace and wall adding warmth and charm to this room

Dutch Quality stone veneer

Dutch Quality stone veneer incorporating fireplace into accent wall