Top reasons for adding  granite hearths to your fireplace or wood stove

In this blog I will discuss one of the cultured stoners specialties; granite hearths for your fireplace or wood burning stove and offer some concrete reasons to add granite to your wood fireplace or wood burning stove project. The look of granite is a timeless addition that can turn an ordinary fireplace into something extraordinary. The cultured stoners have been installing granite hearths for years making for many satisfied customers. Granite is readily available offered by many quarries such as Fowler, with quarries throughout Ontario or McBains in Haliburton to name a few. In this blog I will discuss the main advantages of using real granite for your fireplace hearth or base for your wood burning stove

Reason # 4. Granite hearths offer ease of care and maintenance

Granite is a natural product that requires no special care or maintenance. Granite will last literally forever and will look great in your home. It can be sealed with a stone sealer if you wish and will not stain or change colour in any way. It is perfect for anyone who loves things to be maintenance free.

Wood stove sitting on newly installed granite hearths with stone veneer surround behind the stove.

Wood stove sitting on newly installed granite hearth with stone veneer surround behind the stove.

Reason # 3 Stone is a natural material

Granite is a natural material and does not need to go through any special manufacturing process or chemical process to make it. It can be quarried in a relatively environmentally sound manner. Most quarries are refurbished to their natural state once the bed stone has been removed. Granite, unlike manufactured stone, does not require the mixing of various materials to cast in forms. If it chips it will not show any imperfections like a manufactured hearth could.

Stone veneer on wood burning fireplace.

Stone veneer with natural granite hearth on wood burning fireplace.

Reason # 2 Stone is Very Durable

Granite is an igneous rock that has cooled below the surface and is one of the harder igneous rocks. It can take a fair amount of abuse and will not show much wear. It is often used as a flooring material laid in a random flag pattern which would attest to its durability.

Reason # 1 Granite looks Amazing

Nothing beats the look and feel of real stone. You want your hearth to look as solid as a rock and with natural granite you will achieve that look. Although more labour intensive to install, it truly takes your fireplace to the next level.

Stone veneer surround with granite hearth.

Stone veneer surround with granite hearth.